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Brief review

3D Mailbox Light is all about clean and crisp, which shows in its uncomplicated interface. There are no flashy graphics or sounds as with other email programs, and it features what some feel is the best spam filter in the world.


It is very easy to use, and the fact it is a stripped down version of its big brother 3D Mailbox, a 3-dimensional email program, means that loading is super fast. When I say stripped down, I mean it: it is a mere 3-megabytes in size. 3D Mailbox is the opposite of 3D Mailbox Light, which offers users a graphics-rich environment from which to send/receive mail. When you just want to check your mail without all the bells and whistles, 3D Mailbox Light should be your choice.

Main Function

3D Mailbox Light is a great way to spam-proof your emailing life. It uses SpamBayes spam filter, introduced in 3D Mailbox, and offers users an easy way to control their mail with easy configuration.

Extra Features

Don't worry about opening up separate chat or IM programs. 3D Mailbox Light allows you to instantly chat with anyone on your email contact list. Video mail is viewed with ease. View instantly the status of any mail you've sent: whether it was read or not, deleted, or even if it was received or sent to spam accidentally. You can also set up special filters, directing mail to the folder it belongs in immediately.


Offered for $29.95, this program is a good choice if you are serious about spam.

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Reviewed by Alan Vega
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